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Grace and Poms
Posted on 18 Feb 2024
Foster Spotlight: Grace
It’s been a year since we last spoke with Grace so we decided to catch back up with her to see how things have changed since.
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Posted on 29 Dec 2023
Most Popular Rescue Dog Names in NI & Ireland 2023 (and Cats!)
We looked at ours stats for the 1000+ animals rehomed this year to determine 2023's most popular dog and cat names!
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Pet Adoption Website Highly Commended Belfast Telegraph IT awards
Posted on 11 Nov 2023
Pet Adoption Website Wins Highly Commended in Belfast Telegraph IT Awards
Pet Adoption Website Shortlisted for the Belfast Telegraph IT Awards
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Posted on 29 Jul 2023
The Cocker Spaniel the size of a Wolfhound- Hamish's Adoption Story
Thor (now Hamish)'s original family were told they were getting a Cocker Spaniel puppy. But he grew... and grew, and at 6 months old found himself given up and looking for a new home.
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Tigger with her brother
Posted on 15 Jul 2023
From Heartbreak to Happiness- Piper's Adoption Story
After Gavin's beloved dog Tigger passed away, he and the rest of the family were devasted. Having had Tigger for 14 years, they knew their house wouldn't be complete without a Terrier in it. On Facebook one evening he came across Pet Adoption Website. This is their adoption story.
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sad dog
Posted on 10 Jul 2023
How Can I Fix my Dog's Separation Anxiety?
Separation Anxiety can be stressful for both the owners and the dogs, but it is something that can be improved by changing behaviours and desensitising the dog. We spoke to Léa, a Separation Anxiety expert to find out more.
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PAW will be supporting Bear's Paw it Forward
Posted on 25 Apr 2023
Rescue Spotlight: Bear's Paw it Forward
Pet Adoption Website will be supporting Bear's Paw it Forward as their Charity
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Five Free Ways you can help with the current Irish Dog Crisis
Posted on 22 Apr 2023
Five FREE ways you can help with the Irish Dog Crisis
Five Free Ways you can help with the current Irish Dog crisis
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Posted on 12 Mar 2023
Breed Spotlight - Greyhounds and Lurchers
Greyhounds and other sighthounds, such as Lurchers, are often found on Pet Adoption Website, but there is a misconception that they require lots of exercise, whereas the reality is that they are extremely lazy and gentle!
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Grace with her rescue dogs Luna and Mollie
Posted on 19 Feb 2023
Fostering: Chat with Grace
Grace is a remarkable young girl, fostering dogs for her local animal rescue, "Friends of Rescue". We had a chat with her to find out what she loves most about fostering
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Posted on 17 Feb 2023
Crate Training Your Dog
One of the important bits of kit for your dog, especially puppies, is a crate. We explain why.
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Luna & Bro - pups
Posted on 16 Feb 2023
Things you need for your new dog
It’s important to be prepared before bringing a dog home – you need to think about lots of things, from bedding to food to fashion, not to mention toys!
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Anthony van Dyck - Five Eldest Children of Charles I - Google Art Project
Posted on 13 Feb 2023
What Jobs Dog Breeds Were Originally Bred For
Unlike humans, you CAN stereotype dogs by their breeds. This blog will tell you more about what common dogs breed were bred for and the implications that has for them as a companion animal.
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Husky Dog
Posted on 14 Jan 2023
Breed Spotlight - Huskies
We spoke to one of our rescue partners, Husky Salvation, to find out more about the breed they fell in love with
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Penny and Izzy
Posted on 14 Jan 2023
FAQS on Fostering Dogs or Cats
As well as those available to adopt, the Pet Adoption Website also has a section for animals requiring foster homes across Northern Ireland and Ireland. Foster homes are critical to many of our rescues but a lot of people don't know it's a possibility!
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Puppy Luna
Posted on 05 Nov 2022
15 Mistakes made with our first puppy that we don't after our 15th
Long before the Pet Adoption Website was created, we adopted our first puppy, Luna! Since then we've been fostering for around 7 years and have had a lot of puppies come through our doors
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