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Tigger with her brother
Posted on 15 Jul 2023
From Heartbreak to Happiness- Piper's Adoption Story

After Gavin's beloved dog Tigger passed away he and the rest of the family were devasted. Having had Tigger for 14 years, they knew their house wouldn't be complete without a Terrier in it. On Facebook one evening he came across Pet Adoption Website. This is their adoption story.

Tell us about Tigger

A friend came to me for help as her dog wasn't able to feed her day old pups, so I hand-reared Tigger and her siblings, Lakeland/Patterdale mixes. I kept Tigger and we were inseparable from the day she was born until she passed away with me beside her age 14. She was there for my kids being born, being a watchful but gentle protector of them. She grew up with them. Over the years she was always the same Tigger, never sick, and she never showed signs of ageing apart from getting white hairs on her head. Then one day she suddenly started seizing. When she was gone the house was just quiet and felt empty... the sofa was uncomfortable and my sons were really sad.


How did you find Piper?

I was on Facebook one evening and I saw a post about Pet Adoption Website, so I went on to the page and saw that there were actually a huge number of dogs needing homes. I sent a message to ask more information and they explained they show available dogs from rescues across Ireland and there were four rescues on the site local to us. I had a look and stumbled on a wee terrier mix pup named Piper, who had been abandoned on a doorstep at 11 weeks old. There was just something about her that jumped out of her pictures... it felt like she was meant to be with us so I applied to adopt her.

PIper's Pet Adoption Website Profile

What was the application process like?

Filling in the form online was super simple, and then the next day I received a phonecall from the amazing team at Pet FBI and after a chat they said that Piper would be the perfect fit for us. They arranged for us to meet her and when Piper came into the room she took to the boys straightaway, it was love at first sight. Pet FBI did a homecheck and we were told our application was successful!

Piper with his new brother

How is Piper settling in?

We love her so much. She is just another Tigger in so many ways it's unbelievable, she has settled straight into the family. The thing I love about terriers is they are mischievous, loyal, smart, and sometimes goofy! They make brilliant guard dogs, if they know there's a stranger about they will let you know and won't relax until they get to investigate.

Tigger on the sofa

We'll forever miss Tigger but Piper has done so much to help our broken hearts, and knowing that we've helped Piper after difficult start in life makes it all the better.

Tigger on the beach

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