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Posted on 29 Jul 2023
The Cocker Spaniel the size of a Wolfhound- Hamish's Adoption Story

Thor (now Hamish)'s original owners were told they were getting a Cocker Spaniel puppy. But he grew... and grew, and at 6 months old found himself given up and looking for a new home. He was added to Pet Adoption Website where he caught the eye of Megan and Angus, who were looking for a rescue pup to keep Megan company as she worked from home.

Thor's Original Image

Megan told us, "Last year life threw me a few hard tumbles and working from home, being alone most of the day was really taking its toll. My partner and I adore dogs and decided to keep a wee eye out for an office colleague".

Message from Megan

"On Pet Adoption Website I came across those big puppy dog eyes (above) and there was no hope for us going back 😂 He was a bigger dog than we'd originally imagined getting but we couldn't get him out of our heads. We submitted our form and after getting the phonecall we went to PET FBI in Derry to see Hamish. He was so bouncy... full of energy and love and eager to please. We fell in love immediately"

However after bringing him home, their "mystery mutt" continued to grow and grow. Finally they did a DNA test that explained everything... he was half Irish Wolfhound!


She explained, "We know the reason he was surrendered was because the family thought they were buying a cocker spaniel, but it made a lot of sense that there was so much Wolfhound in there. Hamish has been (quite literally!) the biggest decision we have made but he's brought us so many laughs with his grumpy and stubborn personality and so much love through cuddles, licks and play time, he's even witnessed our engagement during his first swim with us! When you've had a bad day he's just waiting for a snuggle on the sofa he's not allowed on." 

Working from Home Buddy

"Pet FBI were amazing in the adoption process, they talked us through everything we should expect and were transparent about his history. They made it super easy!"


"Hamish has transformed our lives. He's come in like a little hurricane and it's been such an amazing adventure! We can't imagine our life without our wee horse now"

Hamish on the beach

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