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Posted on 29 Dec 2023
Most Popular Rescue Dog Names in NI & Ireland 2023 (and Cats!)

Having so many rescues rehome their animals using the platform means we're in the unique position to look at the lovely data that affects how easily animals are rehomed. The names of the animals plays a big part of this, here are this year's most rehomable names!

Dogs Title

1. Milo

2. Daisy

3. Alfie

4. Sky or Skye

5. Toby

6. Coco

7. Bear

8. Bella

9. Ted or Teddy

10. Luna


1. Lily

2. Squeak

3. Leo

4. Maisie

5. Lucy

6. Basil

7. Biscuit

8. Missy

9. Stella

10. Shadow

Does your rescue's name feature?

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