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Whippet cross
1 year old
Arrived Date
Arrived From
Medium (10-15kg)
Mallow, Cork
Rehoming Fee
Charity Logo

HART - Homeless Animal Rescue Team

Cork, Ireland
Registered Charity Number: 20102630
Reg. Pet Seller Number: DPT200002C


Eve who was abandoned by her family is a small to medium sized, high energy, collie whippet x, who was 1 years old on May 29th.

This is an update from her foster family: Eve is very affectionate to those she knows, and responds well to training, being food motivated and eager to please. She loves to play with toys, as well as fetch and tug of war. We think that as long as she has access to toys, she isn’t destructive but she does need things to chew. She is good in the crate. House training is ongoing but if you keep on top of giving her regular opportunities outside, accidents are infrequent (maybe once per week). She doesn’t have accidents in her crate and is fine overnight. She can be left home alone for a short period (we crate her if we go out and leave her with a stuffed kong). We make sure she has a decent walk beforehand. She is settled when we return and waits patiently to be let out the crate. She loves her walks and does get excited when she encounters new things. She will bark at other dogs when on lead, in a non-aggressive frustration type of way. She will pull hard to get to them and bark a lot, this doesn’t always stop when they meet. Eve has had off lead play with other dogs at the kennels and all has been fine. She is completely non-reactive to traffic. She sometimes tries to lick people as she passes them and is generally friendly, but if someone approaches her too fast or talks in an overly pushy voice she will bark at them and get annoyed (I think she finds this threatening). Eve is on edge at night and barks a lot at strangers even from a distance if encountered on the last walk before bed. She is generally calm in the house once settled in, and seems to learn routines and adapt easily. She does need a decent couple of walks per day, and a garden to play in with high walls as she can jump high. Eve loves to cuddle and will cosy up on the sofa. She barks if she hears noises outside, or if cars or people pass by windows. In the evening she can become reactive to reflections on the windows, and will bark at them. She generally calms down fast enough in the crate. If many people visit the house at once she sometimes finds this overwhelming. Eve is a lovely girl, she will do best in a quiet house with teenagers upwards, and a home without cats. She won’t be comfortable in a busy home so will need a setting where not too many people are coming and going, and an area that’s not too busy. She is very loyal and will be a lovely companion. Eve is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated including KC, worm and flea treated. Home visit and adoption fee apply. Unique Registration number DPT200002C

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