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5 years old
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Large (15-30kg)
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HART - Homeless Animal Rescue Team

Cork, Ireland
Registered Charity Number: 20102630
Reg. Pet Seller Number: DPT200002C


Lion is a 4 year old ex-racing greyhound who came to us in October 2022, he is 27” to his shoulder. a friendly affectionate boy.

Lion loves his cuddles and will lean in for more. Lion recently had his tail amputated due to continuous infection from an old “happy tail” injury. He was just the best patient during all of this, very accepting always and tolerated the cone. He’s still a beautiful dog without his tail. He can still wag the little piece that’s left. Lion is house trained and crate trained. He is very well behaved and will sleep the night through. He loves his food and his walks. He is very good on the lead and seems to have lots of stamina. Lion is curious and excited when meeting other dog breeds and will pull strongly to meet them, it’s just all new to him but he does not like dogs in his face and can snap at at dog invading his personal space. He’s very calm in the company of other greyhounds and is in foster with a female greyhound ideally another greyhound would suit the best as a companion for him although he can be an only dog. Lion is very smart and curious and has learned very quickly how to live in a house. He counter surfs and will take any food or packaging that’s within reach. He’s generally very quiet but will bark if a dog on tv barks. He travels well and will jump in and out of car himself. Lion has learned quickly how to negotiate steps and can go up and down stairs without help. He’s a ready made pet, doesn’t seem to have any fears or spooks. He pays no attention to noisy traffic on walks. Unique Registration number DPT200002C

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House trained

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Can live with a dog

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Cannot live with cats

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None, Tail Amputated