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Available to adopt


Brown / Tan
10 months old
Arrived Date
Arrived From
Large (15-30kg)
Rehoming Fee
Charity Logo

Paws and People

Banbridge, United Kingdom
Registered Charity Number: NIC101959


Tyler is the best boy, he has been an absolute delight since coming back into our care.

Tyler was originally born in rescue, when his mother Flo came into our care pregnant. All the pups found their new homes, including Tyler. But recently his adopter had been having a few issues and so he was returned to our care. Tyler is a very special pup to me, as I hand reared him as he was so small and fragile as a pup. We nearly lost him a few times when he was only a few weeks old, but he is a strong boy who fought to live and now he has matured into a beautiful healthy and happy boy. Since being in our care we have found Tyler to be an amazing and very social young lurcher. He is amazing with other dogs both big and small, and would love a forever home with another dog ideally as he loves to play. He is fully house trained and is so far not destructive in anyway. He loves meeting new people and is not shy in any way, he is a very affectionate and loving boy. Tyler is currently working on his lead manners as he does pull on the lead currently, but he is still only a pup so plenty of time to learn. We are happy to cover some inital training for him with one of the trainers we trust, if this is required. Im more than happy to chat about Tyler and his needs in more detail to any potential adopters. All I can say is he is an amazing boy. Tylers welfare is paramount, and just like any other animal in our care. He will be safe and loved here until we find the most suitable home for him. He will only go to a home that will love and appreciate him as much as we do. He is an amazing dog!

Favourite Things

Belly Rubs
Lead Walks
Playing with Toys
Cuddles on Sofa

Detailed Information

House trained

Home Requirements

Minimum age of children


Can they live with dogs?

Can live with a dog
Must have someone home a lot
Experienced home required
Extra secure garden required