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Cavapoo (Cavalier x Poodle) cross
Black, Grey, White
9 years old
Arrived Date
Arrived From
Small (5-10kg)
Co Down
Rehoming Fee
Molly has found their forever home, but click on the button below to see the other animals available from this rescue.
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Northern Ireland


Miss Molly is looking for her forever home.

Molly comes with a story, but we're not going to dwell on her past. We just want to look forward for this beautiful, soulful little girl. We asked her foster mum to write about her and this is what she said: Molly : 9 year old cavapoo (52 in human years) AKA: Molly Molls, Molls, tinker, stinker and best girl ever. Likes : long walks along the beach with the wind in her fur and her ears turned inside out. Long lazy lie ins with her staff to cater to her every whim. Lying upside down in the sofa. Salsa dancing and oralade cocktails. Loves : her people. (Loyal and loving.) Other dogs. Molly MUST have at least one other dog for company. Dislikes : being left alone for more than an hour and cats that won’t let her sniff their derrière. Molly is ready for a long term committed relationship with the right person or family and loves all children and oldies alike. If you allow Molly into your life, she will be the best friend you can possibly have. She is an absolute darling who is fully house trained, a picky eater and vociferous about her love for you. Best wee woman EVER.

Favourite Things

Belly Rubs
Lead Walks
Cuddles on Sofa

Home Requirements

Minimum age of children


Can they live with dogs?

Must have a dog as a companion

Can they live with cats?

Can live with a cat
Must have someone home a lot
Extra secure garden required