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Available to adopt


Cocker Spaniel
Black, White
2 years old
Arrived Date
Arrived From
Medium (10-15kg)
Rehoming Fee
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Paws and People

Banbridge, United Kingdom
Registered Charity Number: NIC101959


Lily is a beautiful and energetic little cocker spaniel, who loves playing, going for walks and just being with her humans.

Lily is a very lively and smart 2yr old Working bred cocker spaniel (but she has never been worked). She requires a VERY active home who can keep her both physically and mentally stimulated. One on one, she is a good girl. Once she gets focus, she loves practicing some basic commands. But her favourite thing is playing fetch, she will often try to fit more than one tennis ball in her mouth at once. Lily has been in kennels over a year, and she does find this kind of environment stressful, but she is making good progress and I am giving her as much one on one time out of kennels that I can. But we would really love to find her an experienced forever home. Lily loves long walks, hikes, exploring and being with her human. She can be an anxious dog though, particularly when other dogs are concerned, she likes her own space and doesnt like dogs in her space. I am continuing to work with her socialisation and she has made it to a point where she will accept another dog in the play field with her, aslong as it stays out of her road. She has also been able to go for a walk with another dog beside her. She isnt aggressive, but can react in a negative way if a dog invades her space and she gets worried. Lily had seperation anxiety in her previous home, so this is an issue that may reoccur when in a new home, for this reason she would need a home who is home alot to help her settle in and adjust and can build up leaving times very slowly. She will require a fully secure garden to keep her safe. Lily loves food despensing toys and brain games, she is a good girl when being groomed and doesnt mind the bath or blow drier. She is just going to need a very active, patient and loving forever home who is willing to put in the work initally to help her become the best girl she can be. I will provide as much as support as I can to any adopter for her.

Favourite Things

Belly Rubs
Lead Walks
Playing with Toys
Cuddles on Sofa

Detailed Information

House trained

Home Requirements

Minimum age of children


Can they live with dogs?

Cannot live with dogs

Can they live with cats?

Cannot live with cats
Must have someone home a lot
Experienced home required
Extra secure garden required