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Available to adopt


Brown / Tan
4 years old
Arrived Date
Arrived From
Large (15-30kg)
Rehoming Fee
Charity Logo

Paws and People

Banbridge, United Kingdom
Registered Charity Number: NIC101959


Finn is a very friendly and smart boy who knows many tricks and is very eager to learn. He had seperation anxiety, so may cry and bark when alone.

Finn is one of our longer term residents, he would love a forever home. Please read the entire description before applying. Finn is a 4yr old Lurcher, he loves people and can be live in a home with teens and older. Finn has been in rescue now over 2 years, so he will need a patient and understanding home who will allow him time to decompress and adjust when in a new home. He is a very smart boy, who loves to learn. He knows alot of tricks such as sit, down, paw, spin and jump up. He has alot of brains and would thrive in a home who loves training. He loves food, cuddles and playing with his toys. He loves playing fetch and going for long walks. Finn does have lead reactivity, we are happy to cover some training sessions to help with this, with one of our approved dog trainers. When we are walking him, he does well for me and is easy to redirect his attention. In rescue Finn does mix with other dogs pretty well, but would like a home as the only dog as he is going to need additional care and time, and when it comes to his toys he doesnt like sharing them with other dogs, he is fine sharing them with me. Finn was house trained in his previous home, but he has been in kennels for a few years, so he may need some refreshing initially, though he is smart so ive no doubt he would learn again very quickly. In his last home he had very bad seperation anxiety and would cry when alone, he doesnt display this anymore here. But when in a new home he may display this behaviour again, so he will need someone who can build up his leaving times slowly. Finn has been a good boy whilst in our care the past few years, he is a smart boy with alot of potential, he just needs a specific home who is willing to help him become his best self.

Favourite Things

Belly Rubs
Lead Walks
Playing with Toys
Cuddles on Sofa

Detailed Information

House trained

Home Requirements

Minimum age of children

Adult Only Home

Can they live with dogs?

Can live with a dog

Can they live with cats?

Cannot live with cats
Must have someone home a lot
Experienced home required
Extra secure garden required