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German Shepherd
Black, Brown / Tan
1 year old
Arrived Date
Arrived From
Large (15-30kg)
Rehoming Fee
Levina is currently reserved but may become available again. We can notify you if this happens.
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Little China Dog Rescue

Registered Charity Number: NIC107647


Levina is a very playful girl but s very shy with new people. She loves being outside and will sunbathe in the garden for hours.

She’s a very playful girl but a very shy with new people. She loves being outside and will sunbathe in the garden for hours. Levina will bind to her person very quickly and suffers from separation anxiety and will be come destructive when left by herself. Therefore she needs someone who is home a lot as she panics when her humans leave her. She’s a very sweet and loving girl and once she trusts you will jump up on the sofa and your bed for a good cuddle. She definitely needs another dog for confidence and support. She has now become confident at walking on the roads and in the park. She’s shy of people on first meets but after second meets she will often take a treat. She is better with female owners than men and children (we can only imagine what she has been through). Her foster parents have made good progress at her leash work. She can be strong on the lead at times. She will often look to her owner on walks to make sure you are still there and loves it when she’s praised for doing a good job. She’s very loyal to her owner and wants to learn and very quick to learn; she is highly intelligent. And she will walk well beside other dogs. She’s a sassy diva when she wants to be. And will wake you up if your alarm goes off and your not awake to give her cuddles and love. She’s good at vocalising what she needs wether it’s bathroom or play.

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Detailed Information

House trained

Home Requirements

Minimum age of children

Adult Only Home

Can they live with dogs?

Must have a dog as a companion

Can they live with cats?

Can live with a cat
Must have someone home a lot
Extra secure garden required



Known Health Issues

She is on aproquel and a grain free diet for food allergies.